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 About Production Class

Production Class is a Technology Education elective open to High School students in grades 10-12. Production is a 20-week course designed to acquaint students with construction and manufacturing systems used in the fabrication of various wood, metal, and plastic products.


                The course is organized into two major categories;                   Construction and Manufacturing. Throughout the course, students will study various construction and manufacturing resources,          processes, and their impacts. 


Additional topics of study may include: research on the Industrial Revolution, design and construction of manufactured products, computer applications in manufacturing and construction, career opportunities in manufacturing and construction, model construction,

community projects, and other related activities.



What do students do in Production Class?


During this course, students will will be involved in the design and construction of individual products using various hand tools and power machinery. In addition to working individually, students will participate cooperatively in a mass production project using assembly line procedures similar to that in a manufacturing plant.

Production students have designed and manufactured items such as:

Picnic Tables & Benches

for the Schaghticoke Fair Grounds,

Adirondack Chairs, Beach Chairs, Gumball Machines,

Class Room Desks, Scale Model Trains,

Rocking Benches, and more !!!!


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Production "Class Basics"

- Class Expectations and Lab Safety -


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participate in Production Class"


Great Expectations


Technology Lab Safety