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About 8th Grade Technology

Introduction to Technology Education, Part 2, is a 20 week course designed to enable Eighth grade students to enhance their understanding of the concepts that underlie  technological systems. Students will learn about the  influence of  technological systems on their lifestyle,   including home, school, and the world of work.

During each activity, students will gain more experience in problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking.    Eighth grade students learn by application, developing skills  with tools, machines, and processes for solving technical problems. Students will analyze problem situations, communicate ideas through verbal expression,

visual depiction, and learn cooperation and competitiveness through team interaction.

Each student will be required to use the computer as a tool for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data. This course of study has been developed with the expectation that  instruction will be provided through hands-on,             laboratory based activities.

Students will study five basic

modules as an Introduction to

Technology Education Part 2:


 - Module 6 -

"Choosing Appropriate Resources for Technology"
 - Module 7 -

 "How Resources are Processed By Technological Systems"
 - Module 8 -

"Controlling Technological Systems"
 - Module 9 -

"Technology and Society; Now and In The Future"
 - Module 10 -

"Using Systems to Solve Problems"

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        "Measurement"                "Technical Drawing"               "Bridge Design"                 "Model Rockets"                    "Flight Sim"



                        Computer Technology                                        Exam Review                    

            "Mag-Lev"                    "Computer Activities"             "CO2 Dragsters"                    "Exam Review"                 "Miscellaneous"






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 8th Grade Technology Education

"Class Basics"


Students are expected to be

prepared daily by having:


"A Three Ring Binder"

"A Pencil"

"A 12" Ruler"

"All handouts organized in their binder"

- Class Expectations and Lab Safety -

 "Both handouts must be signed and returned to

participate in Technology class"


Great Expectations


Technology Lab Safety