7th Grade Technology Education
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 About 7th Grade Technology

Introduction to Technology Education, Part 1, is a 20 week course designed to allow Seventh Grade students the opportunity to develop technical literacy through examination of the historical and modern uses of technology and its impacts on society and the environment.

Individual and group activities within the course aid in the development of verbal communication skills such as listening and speaking, and allow the student to gain an appreciation of self-worth.

The course will introduce each student to the importance of technology on human progress and will allow further study into the expected and unexpected consequences of our technological achievements.

Students will gain experience in problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking and will utilize materials and processes generic to all technologies. This course of study has been developed with the expectation that instruction will be provided through hands-on, laboratory based activities.

Students will study five basic modules as an Introduction to

Technology Education Part 1:

 - Module 1 -

"Getting to Know Technology"
 - Module 2 -

 "What Resources Are Needed for Technology"
 - Module 3 -

"How People Use Technology To Solve Problems"
 - Module 4 -

"Systems and Sub-Systems In Technology"
 - Module 5 -

"How Technology Affects People & Their Environment"

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7th Grade Technology

"Daily Class Basics" 


Students are expected to be

prepared daily by having:


"A Hard Cover Three Ring Binder"

"A Pencil"

"A 12" Ruler"

"All handouts organized in their binder"


“Great Expectations and Lab Safety”

This handout must be reviewed, signed, and returned by each student and their parent/guardian to participate in Technology class


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7th Grade Technology Links


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What is Technology?

"What is Technology?"

"History of Technology"

Measure It



Exam Review

"Exam Review"




Problem Solving

"Problem Solving"

"Simple Machines"


Computer Technology

"Computer Technology"

"Systems Model"