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Technology Education at Hoosic Valley Middle and High School

The Technology Education program at Hoosic Valley is a progressive, conceptual building,

activity oriented program meeting the mandated and suggested curricular design concepts

of the NYS Department of Education, NYS Learning Standards for Math, Science, and Technology (MST),

NYS Technology Education Association, and the International Technology Education Association

As your Technology Teacher, I believe and value:

* Excellence as a standard for the program, services, and internal operations *
* The individuality and uniqueness of each child *
* The special talents and abilities of each child *
* The truth that all children can learn *
* The respect for personal and cultural diversity *
* The respect and dignity of each member of the school community *
* The student's right to equal access to educational opportunity *
* The partnership between the school system and the community *

Students in Technology Education at Hoosic Valley

will be provided the opportunity for:

* Developing  the ability to apply problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills *
* Understanding how technology has changed and continues to change *
* Developing the ability to apply technical concepts safely when working with tools, materials, and processes *
* Strengthening personal creativity and individual abilities to the fullest extent *
* Acquiring knowledge and skills for employment , continued education, and life *
* Integrating and applying other school subjects in a technical setting *
















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Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!

       The 2022-23 school year marks my 26th year as a          Technology Teacher at Hoosic Valley.

During my years at Hoosic Valley, I've had the opportunity to work with outstanding students, faculty, and community members.


* Bachelor of Science In Education *
* Master of Science in Education *

State University College at Oswego




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* Riding The Motorcycle *

* Going To Boston *

* Going To NYC *

* Cruising on Lake George *

* Building Projects *


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